12 January 2016

Wicked Wicker Flatforms

You have to be smart when the massive winter sale is on - that's the perfect time to grab some true summer bargains that will go up in price again once the glorious summer is back again. Like these babies! Not real leather unfortunately but I love the wicker detail and the flatform style. They add a few centimetres to my already stupidly tall self, but who gives a damn. As long as your boyfriend is taller than you it's all goood.

I've realised how useful and valuable a pair of nice, slightly dressed up flats are after I bought my Whistles flatforms, remember those bad boys? I used them so often that I bought the grey ones as well, a very sound investment. Converses in all their glory but a pair of flats that are versatile enough to wear both to work and out for drinks are golden.

Find them HERE before they're sold out - £31.50. Unless you thought they were hiedous and would never, ever wear shoes like these, then you've just waisted a few minutes of your life.