31 January 2015

Friday eve

Had such a great night yesterday!

We went to a restaurant in Twickenham called Brough; me, Lloyd, his lovely mum and stepdad and their 2 friends. Had an amazing surf and turf. I just can't order anything else when there's steak on the menu. Kinda boring that way.

Feel like shit today though, I blame the white wine. I usually drink red but I hate red wine teeth! Especially since I laugh with my whole face haha..

To support my theory about the white, this is exactly what I drank last night:

1 pint Paulaner
2 lrg+2 sml glasses white
Single whisky
Double Sailor Jerry's & coke
50/50 captain Morgan & coke (at the in-laws house, why is it that drinks made at home ALWAYS are 50 spirits/50 mixer?)

Fair enough I'm mixing a lot but this is spread out over an entire night! If you know me you know that I can drink quite a lot.

Why do I feel like a slapped ass?