17 January 2015

The Stole

You've probably seen this trend on the streets everywhere lately no matter where on the globe you are - the stole. Coloured ones, fluffy ones, small ones.. I love 'em. My favourites are defo the ones in burgundy or navy, both to go with a black coat. Feel inspired:

...and of course there's the moral dilemma that comes with wearing real fur. I'm not sure where I stand to be honest. I think we can all agree that the fur industry is horrible and how animals are being treated is absolutely repulsive. That said, I think many of us are hypocrites. Also, to take it even further there's the questioning about leather, isn't that just as bad? And while we're at it, eating meat vs. not eating meat? If we're gonna slaughter the animal for its meat we might as well use the animal's skin and fur as well, right?

It's a big mushy grey zone and I'm far from educated about the industry and how it truly works so these are just thoughts. Either way, I'm trying to stay away from the Youtube videos about the fur industry for a bit longer... And don't forget there's always faux fur! xx