26 January 2015


Here is the latest pair in my shoe collection! I do love a pair of nice heels but there's nothing like a fresh pair of kickzz..

When I met my boyfriend Lloyd he used to slap me when I accidentally stepped on his new trainers. Well he didn't really slap me but he would shout GET OFF in his Scottish accent :) I never really got it and just thought he was being silly but I GET IT NOW. My white shoes are gonna stay white that's all I'm saying. Fair enough a pair of Converses do age like men - with beauty. But that's about as far as I'd go. My Air Force 1:s are getting a bit dark in the seems but I wipe them with a wet cloth probably once a week so they are wearable for a bit longer. 

Oh and guys, New Balance trainers are a big NO-NO, ok?

Superga Dark Bordeaux