28 January 2015

Marble skin

I've already bragged about it on instagram and at work but for all you new people; Lloyd surprised me with a Macbook Air for Christmas! *emoji with heart shaped eyes* Best. Present. Ever. Of course, he knows how clumsy I am and he looks at me with terror every time I use it.

The first few weeks I WAS kind of scared to use it, I thought I would break it just by looking at it. So Lloyd caught me using my old wreck for a laptop instead of it and there was just no end to it...

"Maybe I should just return the Mac since you don't like it?"

"Maybe I should take the Mac and you can keep using your useless old laptop?

He he he. Funny guy.

And THEN, when my confidence grew and I put the old laptop on the shelf to gather some dust, the jokes changed.. and it got pretty dark.

"WATCH the laptop you're gonna drop it!!!!"

"Yeah yeah yeah just put the Mac on the floor so that we can step on it or so that the dog can take a shit on it.."

"Maybe we should just use the Mac as a chopping board in the kitchen or as a door stop the way you're taking care of it?"

"WHAT'S IN THAT LAPTOP CASE? THE CHARGER? REALLY? Don't put anything in there except the Mac you retard!"

Haha I can't win can I.. But you know what, he can say whateever he wants to me, because he gave me a Mac!

Here she is, I would go as far as saying this laptop is sexy. What I was originally gonna write about though - the case! Bought this for like £9 on Amazon, a two piece case in plastic, in matte champagne.

THIS, is on my wish list though.. I've only found Mac-stickers with this marble print on it so far, but I'd love to find a case that would actually protect the laptop as well. How nice?