16 January 2015

Picky boyfriend

Doing a double at work today, gotta pick up as many extra shifts I can since my boyfriend's birthday is coming up and he has expensive taste. He's also SO picky,  never in my life have I struggled this much to buy presents for a guy.

For example, I tried to be super sweet and thoughtful and buy him a spontaneous present when I ordered some stuff from Asos for myself. Clicked through Cheap Monday's stuff which I was into at the moment and found a tshirt that I ordered for him. It was a plain white tshirt with black letters saying CHEAP MONDAY on the front in black.

Long story short, I gave him the tshirt and later on that night when we were out for drinks with some friends he got angry at me (for no reason I thought) and later found out it was all because of the tee. The tshirt wasn't his style and I 'should have known'........ 

Let's just say I choose his presents VERY carefully from that day. And I returned the t-shirt.

Sorry for bitching about you Lloyd :)❤️