14 January 2015

TRIANGL swimwear

Right, I've been drooling over the TRIANGL bikinis for a good while now. Pictures of ridiculously fit girls wearing them are all over the place. Instagram, glossy mags, blogs, you name it. There doesn't seem to exist a stockist in the UK from what I could find (not even Selfridge's or Harrods) so I doubted for a while: 1. Because of the price 2. Because I don't know what size to order and 3. A return from London to Australia will be quite costly. Stressful.

Anyhow, after like 3 hours of googling I managed to persuade myself that I NEED this bikini. In the middle of January.

So it's now on its way home to me, fingers crossed! 

The style is called Tilly Sunburst and is a little bit sporty but sooo sexy.
Pic borrowed from wheretoget.it.