26 January 2015

Acne Studios - SALE

Aaaaaah I just love Acne Studios. I remember before they got big and international when I bought a pair of high waisted skinny jeans from Ahlens City in Stockholm.. They fit me like a second skin and I remember how I loved those jeans, which I probably saved up for quite a while before buying.

You know the feeling when something is from your home country and you almost take cred for them just because of that..? That's how I feel about Acne Studios (and IKEA). Everytime someone talks about Acne I feel the urge to point out that they're Swedish.

Anyhow, just saw that this amazing Envier jacket is on sale on their website.. It's now £390 instead of £650, such a bargain! It's in wool and cashmere, I just love the clean style and the slits on the sides. If I only had some savings.

Gotta go back to updating my CV now, cause THIS lady has been waved with an amazing job in front of her nose.. More about that later!