30 January 2015

Healthy eatin'

Off today! On a Friday, what happened there?

I went up super early, went to the gym and then for a tan at South Beach, so relaxing. At the moment I'm lying in bed in a severe food coma.. Thought I'd give you a tip of a healthy meal, it's one of my favourites.

I basically buy whatever vegetables I'm craving, slice them up (no peeling the skin off!) and then throw it in an oven dish with olive oil to roast them crispy. Today I used sweet potato, carrot, asparagus and red onion. Salt & pepper - in the oven on high heat.

Then put a salmon fillet on top of some foil, add salt & pepper and grate loads of lemon peel all over. After the veggies have been cooking for about 15 min; wrap the salmon up and put that in the oven as well. Leave it for another 10 and DONE. Serve with cottage cheese with grated lemon peel and a sqeeze of lemon juice.

Need a nap now, dinner out with the in-laws tonight!