9 February 2015

Dubai maddafakkas!

We're finally here! After some shopping and sushi at the airport we got on the 7 hour flight straight to Dubai. We flew with Emirates so it was super comfortable, especially for someone being used to Ryanair's embarrassing standards.. We watched two movies, had a 3 course meal and free drinks. Lloyd was too hungover to make use of the free bar but I had a few cheeky ones, would be rude not too hehe. One of the staff also came over with a big cake saying happy birthday to Lloyd, talk about service!

After that we jumped in a taxi which took us to Atlantis and oh my god, it looks just like in the pictures. I think we could see the hotel on the horizon about 10 minutes before we were even there, it's massive!

At the entrance, all red and gold and with hotel porters in suits everywhere, our doors were opened, our luggage was put on a trolley and we were wished welcome to Atlantis. Me and Lloyd just looked at each other in shock, neither of us have ever been to a place like this before.

After checking in we found out that our room wasn't ready so we got our beach gear out and went to the pool - where we both passed out. When we got our room around 2 pm we both ordered steaks up to our room, so good.. Could get used to live like this! I'll take more pics tomorrow but here's a little preview! Xx