22 February 2015

Sushi & studies

Aaah so tired but so busy..

I was working 9-18 today and had to go straight home to study. Red bull and coffee all the way. I have a deadline for a 3000 word report in International Marketing tomorrow that I'm not even close to have finished. Since marketing is what I want to work with after graduating, hopefully at a multinational company, a top grade in this module wouldn't be too bad of a start.. I'm writing about Abercrombie & Fitch (not by choice, I hate A&F) and how their marketing strategies should look like when moving from the home US market into the European market. Thought you were eager to know!

I treated myself to some sushi on my way home from the Hare & Tortoise. Thought I'd save myself some precious time since I didn't have to go home and waste time cooking. Ended up eating sushi in front of an episode of Vikings and then fell asleep for 1,5 hours. Great.

Always ask for EXTRA ginger, best part!