4 February 2015

Clothes, bags, shoes..

You know when you just look at your clothes and feel MEH. I have that feeling now. I was talking to my friend Ally the other day and we both said that bags and shoes are so much more fun to shop than clothes. I can google bags online for hours and I could also see myself spending my whole pay check on one. Clothes on the other hand, I hate spending hundreds of pounds on it. I feel like even though I love the item at the moment I know that I will be sick of it in a few weeks. So what's the point in buying expensive stuff when I might as well go to Zara?

Lloyd on the other hand is the complete opposite. He can only buy clothes from the brands he like no matter what it will cost, and if he's broke he'll go to Topshop - but he won't like it. He basically go there when it's a matter of "wearing trousers to work" vs. "not wearing trousers to work". When we just started dating he went shopping with a friend and came home having spent more than £700 on clothes and trainers, the day after pay day. I remember thinking he's my kind of guy, spending most of his money the day after pay day haha..

Also, Lloyd has one wardrobe that he wear at work and off, doesn't matter. Me on the other hand have got more of a divide between them. Mostly because I had to wear all black when I was a waitress which meant I never wanted to wear black outside of work. But now that I'm a supervisor I can wear whatever I want. For some reason I still don't want to wear the same clothes at/off work though.

I was thinking anyways that this pay will go to some new clothes, preferably some good basic stuff that I won't get tired of. I also want these babies in time for spring:

Adidas Superstar

All Star Converse Ox Low White Mono Canvas

UGG Classic Mini Chestnut
...I know I'm not 14 anymore. But they are sooo comfy when it's cold outside..