3 February 2015


Aaa almost payday.. Two days to go. I've been longing for new towels from Lexington for a while, they are the nicest, thickest, softest towels there are. I feel really lame getting excited about towels but I guess that happens when you're coming close to 26 (...). My dad once bought me a bath robe from Lexington and honestly, it weighs like 3 kg. So cosy!

Downturns are; they're £59 each which is quite juicy. We also don't have a tumble dryer in our house so the towels will end up as crispy and stiff as any other towel after they've been washed, so the whole point is kind of lost to be honest. I think I'll restrain myself and won't buy them until me and Lloyd have gotten our own little place somewhere, hopefully in a years' time from now :)

Speaking of interior design, obviously coming from Sweden I want the look of my future flat to be white, clean and preferably have old wooden floors.. I'm also addicted to candles so there'll have to be plenty of them as well.

Wouldn't mind living like this:

My favourite scented candle, from Zara Home