27 February 2015

Raspberry Ketones

I ordered mine online, here!

I heard about these diet pills a few months back and when I saw them at Holland & Barrett I thought I'd give it a go. I'm trying to go to the gym 3 times a week but I rarely have the time or the energy to go, you know how it is..... I'm all about eating healthy and exercising but if swallowing a pill can make me beach-ready I'm all up for it!!

Of course no pill is a miracle pill I am being realistic about it, but I do think these work. They make you feel a lot fuller than usual and makes you kind of loose your appetite for eating (sounds sad I know). This is great for me since when I for example cook something that will "last a whole weeeeek" I end up eating it all the same day haha..

Anyhow, I've only been on these for a couple of weeks so I'm gonna carry on and give you an update at a later date. These 500mg pills are only to be taken once a day, while there are weaker Raspberry Ketone pills that are supposed to be taken twice a day. I went for the strong shit!