23 February 2015

Style icon

Nicole Richie has been a style icon of mine for ages. She just look so sexy and elegant no matter what she wears. I mean come on, who the fuck looks that hot in green hair?! I personally loved her purple hair as well, I think she looked amazing. How does she not look like an emo?

I've never tried to imitate her style though cause she is, as you all can see with you own eyes, skin and bones. At some point in my life I just had to realise that I have tits and ass and it's just to embrace it. I try to wear clothes that suit my body type, as should eeeeveryone else. Obviously there's loads of fashion that I love but that doesn't mean I should wear it. I think that's a good reminder for everyone, just because something looks good on someone else doesn't necessarily mean that it will look good on you.. The sooner you realise that the sooner you'll look your best. HASHTAG INSPO HASHTAG QUOTEOFTHEDAY. Sorry don't mean to sound so pretentious.

Anyhow, here are some of my favourite looks!


Oh, and by the way. CAN YOU REMEMBER THIS?! The simple life with Paris Hilton? Talk about improvement...