12 February 2015

Food ❤️

The food at Atlantis is honestly the best quality food I've ever seen at a hotel. We tried quite a few restaurants and of course it was amazing, not really surprised about that. But one day after we had been playing at the massive waterpark like kids for about 4 hours (at the hotel, free access!!), we felt like eating our own weights in food. And what's better than a buffet?

We were so shocked when we came in to the restaurant though, they had EVERYTHING and you know when people say 'they had everything' they usually DON'T have everything? But this place had everything. EVERYTHING!

There was Italian, Indian, Arabic, Thai, British, Asian, Sushi, cheeses, salads, sandwiches, desserts, cured meats, 20 types of bread, fruits.. You could even have your own risotto cooked by a chef on the spot.

It was quite dark in there so the pics aren't great but just look at it... A food lover's heaven. 

Chocolate fountain, cupcake pyramid, pick n mix sweets..


A gigantic parmesan cheese

Apple and salted caramel topped with whipped cream

The risotto station

More desserts..

Sushi & different salads

......... Cheese. Spent a lot of time here. Lloyd laughed at me.