3 February 2015

Hair update

I got my hair done yesterday! Cut and highlights. It's quite a bit shorter but it was nice to get rid of the old damaged weed haha. I usually go for a dark brown colour throughout because I'm lazy and do it myself but I'm so bored of it now so thought I'd go a bit lighter. I used to be platinum blonde (yellow) a few years back, I'll post some pictures sometime..

I'm loving this though, a nice improvement!

Another thing. My hair is so thick and heavy that I've basically never managed to curl it nicely. Not sure if it's my lack of patience, but I'm blaming my hair. I've tried so many different curlers but it basically takes 1 hour to go through all my hair and it looks good for about 15 minutes top. By the time I'm drunk, dressed and ready to go out it's all hanging down, looking like a mop head..

I got this new curler from BaByliss for Christmas and honestly, if you have the same problem as me - this is what you need!! It honestly takes me 5 minutes to go through my hair and it will last until tomorrow night without any products in it what so ever. The curls will look even better tomorrow which sounds unbelievable but it's true.

I took these before-during-after pictures so you can see for yourself. All you do is squeeze the curler over a lock of hair which is then pulled into the center, which is heated up. Keep squeezing it until you hear a beeping sound - on to the next one. Worth to mention is that there's a safety lock that releases your hair if it gets tangled inside.

This is how the curls looks straight after usage, they look a bit fake and too perfect if you know what I mean..

..and this is how it looks after brushing my fingers through, it looks more natural and messy which I prefer.

You're welcome ladiez!