25 February 2015


Adidas Stan Smith's, Superga Bordoux, Converse All White, Nike Air Force 1 Low, Converse Low White  (used to be..)

The past year has really been the year of the sneaker for me. Or trainers as Lloyd would correct me (American vs. British English..). I've always been a Converse girl and I buy a fresh pair of white ones every spring. Let's face it, they look good on anyone and they're bloody comfy as well.

I've never really cheated on my Converses until last year because I've always felt that any other shoe would look like bricks on my gigantic feet (Size 7). But then I realised - who the fuck cares if my feet look big? They ARE big. But I'm tall and I kind of don't wanna be a size 3 anyways, I'd fall over if it was windy...

I don't like it when my shoes get dirty so I often spend my (paid) time at work cleaning them with a linen napkin, sorry boss but it has to be done. And I don't have any clean, pressed, expensive linen napkins at home to use ;)

On the wish list - Nike Thea Womens in Black & White