13 February 2015


Work outfit of today! I bought this amazing white tee (which you can't even see - I know) from Cos in the Dubai Mall, just a plain one but the material is amazing. The watch is my favourite which I bought maybe 2 years ago, still love it. It's not as girly as many other watches are which I like. I bought my one from London Watch Shop by the Bond Street tube station, I can highly recommend them! They gave me a random discount just to be nice and I've received great service several times after that as well. Also about the watch, let me just say that this one is NOT to be associated with the hyped Michael Kors watches, can't stand them...

The Dubai mall btw is apparently the biggest shopping center in the entire world and we went there in the evening of our last day. It was alright, many of the shops contained kind of weird Arabic fashion which you can imagine is a bit different.. No slutty dresses or skirts = not interested. Haha kidding.. But hey, they had MANY other shops too in all price ranges, from H&M to Chanel.

Watch Marc by Marc Jacobs, trousers River Island, t-shirt Cos, Converse